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Off Grid Solar UPS System System Composition

Aug 02, 2017

off grid solar UPS system System composition

Crystalline silicon n / p type solar cell works: When the p-type semiconductor and n-type semiconductor closely integrated into a block, at the interface between the two to form p-n junction. When the photovoltaic cells are exposed to sunlight, the p-n junction on both sides of the formation of positive and negative charge accumulation, resulting in photogenerated voltage, forming a built-in electric field, which is the "photovoltaic effect." In theory, at this time, if the two sides of the built-in electric field leads to the electrode and connected to the appropriate load, it will form a current, the load will get power. The solar cell module is a solid device for realizing P-V conversion using the electronic characteristics of a semiconductor material.

System composition editing

Off-grid photovoltaic system is generally composed of solar cell components of the photovoltaic matrix, solar charge and discharge controller, battery pack, off-grid inverter, DC load and AC load and so on.

(1) solar cell components

The solar cell module is a major part of the solar power supply system and the most valuable component of the solar power supply system,

Of the radiation energy into DC power;

(2) solar charge and discharge controller

Solar charge and discharge controller, also known as "photovoltaic controller", the role of the solar cell components is the power of the adjustment and control, the maximum charge of the battery, and the battery played a charge protection, over discharge protection effect. Where the temperature difference is large, the PV controller should have the function of temperature compensation.

(3) battery pack

The main task of the battery pack is to store energy in order to ensure that the load is used at night or on rainy days.

(4) off-grid inverter

The off-grid inverter is the core component of the off-grid power generation system and is responsible for converting the direct current into alternating current for AC load. In order to improve the photovoltaic

The overall performance of the power generation system to ensure long-term stable operation of the power station, inverter performance is very important. 

System merit editor


1, solar energy inexhaustible, the Earth's surface to accept the solar radiation energy, to meet the global energy needs of 10,000 times. As long as the global 4% of the desert to install solar photovoltaic systems, the power can meet the needs of the world. Solar power is safe and reliable, will not suffer from energy crisis or fuel market instability;

2, solar energy everywhere, can be near power supply, do not have long distance transport, to avoid the long-distance transmission line loss;

3, solar energy without fuel, operating costs are low;

4, solar power generation without moving parts, easy to use damage, maintenance is simple, especially suitable for use in unattended circumstances;

5, solar power does not produce any waste, no pollution, noise and other pollution, no adverse effects on the environment, is the ideal clean energy;

6, solar power system construction cycle is short, convenient and flexible, and can increase or decrease according to the load, any increase or reduce the capacity of solar array, to avoid waste.


1, ground applications are intermittent and random, power generation and climate conditions, in the evening or rainy days can not or very little power;

2, the energy density is low, the standard conditions, the ground to receive the solar radiation intensity of 1000W / M ^ 2. Large size use, the need to take a larger area;

3, the price is still relatively expensive, for the conventional power generation 3 to 15 times the initial investment high.