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DC And AC Solar Power System Stop The Runtime Of The System

Aug 02, 2017

 DC and AC Solar Power System Stop the runtime of the system

 DC and AC solar power generation system design life of more than 20 years, the failure rate is low, the installation can be automatically run after the completion of debugging. When you want to stop the system, please follow the steps below.

    The general principle of DC and AC solar power generation systems is to interrupt the current and then disconnect the DC.

   (1) disconnect the grid connected to the cabinet inside the network breaker;

   (2) disconnect the inverter DC side switch (see below);

   (3) Disconnect the DC circuit breaker in the DC combiner box (if there is a DC combiner); follow the steps below when you want to run the system again. ◆ Operation of household DC and AC solar power generation systems:

    (1) Make sure that every DC voltage in the DC converter box is properly connected to the DC circuit breaker in the riser box (if there is a DC confluence case). To Jiaotong blue sky 240W polycrystalline silicon panel, for example, each plate open circuit voltage of 36.6V, if 10 in series into a string, then each road open circuit voltage should be about 350V.

    (2) close the grid-connected cabinet in the circuit breaker;

    (3) close the inverter DC side switch;

    (4) then the inverter self-test start, the system began to run.

    CAUTION: Be sure to avoid accidents that may occur at high altitudes during operation and wear safety guards.

◤ system precautions ◢

     To avoid the risk of arcing and electric shock, do not disconnect the electrical connection with a load. Keep the plugs dry and clean to ensure they are in good working condition. Do not insert other metal objects into the plug, or in any other way to make electrical connections. Do not touch or operate glass components that are broken, broken, and damaged, unless the component is disconnected from the electrical connection and you are wearing personal protective equipment. Do not touch the damp components. It is prohibited to place hazardous substances such as flammable liquids, gases and explosives near the PV module.

    In a fire event, the PV module may continue to generate dangerous DC voltage even if the PV module is disconnected from the inverter, the PV module is partially burned, or the system cable is broken or damaged. Therefore, in the event of fire, as far as possible away from the DC and AC solar power system, until the appropriate measures to ensure that the safety of photovoltaic systems can be close before.

    Please do not cover the PV module when the system is working, because the system performance and power generation will be significantly reduced when one or more PV modules are partially or completely blocked.

    Please do not step on or place the weight on the component surface, so as not to cause the battery chip crack.