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DC Solar Power System The Sun Can Be Directly Converted Into Electrical Energy

Aug 15, 2017

DC solar power system The sun can be directly converted into electrical energy

DC solar power system principle is simply through the solar cells will be converted into solar energy into solar energy, solar power generation and solar power generation system, the effect is good DC solar power system.

DC solar power system system structure is generally four parts, namely, solar cells, solar controllers, batteries (group) composition. Solar panels are the core of the entire system, but also a high part of the value of its role is to convert light energy into electricity. The system controller can control the working state, the protection of the battery power generation, DC solar power system system structure can also control the temperature. The role of the battery is of course the storage or release of electricity. The inverter converts the DC power from the solar power system into AC power.

DC solar power generation system from the birth there is not the same code and fate, we all know that environmental pollution is now very serious, we all consider new energy, DC solar power system concept in fact with the wind and solar energy is synchronized, but Its equipment developed very quickly, where we could see the wind energy only in the grasslands and perennial windy places, but was able to see the place where the DC solar power system was indeed anywhere, because its power generation system was very well developed , While its coverage is very wide, in addition to the other is its system is mainly off the net and grid, according to our existing situation to design and security system on behalf of our future development direction, there is always a Suitable for you, DC solar power system is our country has been advocating green new projects in many parts of the country has been put into use, our future development are key projects, as long as the sun can produce energy and heat, welcome to come Consultation, together to create a better future.

The above is about the content of "DC solar power system system structure represents our future development direction", we must see our introduction, but also on this content has enough understanding. In addition to this, we also in another article for everyone to introduce the solar power,

Home photovoltaic power generation is based on the principle of photovoltaic effect, the use of solar cells can be directly converted into solar energy. Whether it is used independently or grid-connected, the PV system consists mainly of solar panels (components), controllers and inverters, which are mainly composed of electronic components and do not involve mechanical parts. Therefore, the photovoltaic power generation equipment is extremely refined, reliable and stable long life, easy installation and maintenance. In theory, photovoltaic power generation technology can be used in any need for power occasions, up to the spacecraft, down to home power, large to megawatt-class power station, small to toys, photovoltaic power can be everywhere.