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Off Grid Solar UPS System PV Modules

Sep 07, 2017

off grid solar UPS system PV modules

Off-grid solar UPS system is divided into solar off-grid solar UPS system and wind off-grid solar UPS system. Off-grid solar UPS system by the PV module (square), photovoltaic grid-connected inverter power supply device. PV modules (solar array) will be converted into direct current solar energy, through the grid inverter power supply will be converted into DC power with the same frequency in the same phase AC power into the grid.

Brief introduction of solar UPS system for photovoltaic off - grid

PV off-grid solar UPS system (solar off-grid solar UPS system) through the solar PV module (ie solar panels) to light energy into electricity, without battery energy storage, directly through the grid-connected photovoltaic power generation system, the direct power Sent to the grid.

Photovoltaic off - grid solar UPS system classification

1, there are off-grid off-grid solar UPS system

   There is a backflow off-grid solar UPS system: when the solar photovoltaic system issued by the power is sufficient, the remaining power can be fed into the public power grid, to the power supply (selling); when the solar PV system provides insufficient power, the power supply to the load (Buy electricity). As the power supply to the grid and the power supply in the opposite direction, it is called a counter-current photovoltaic power generation system.

2, no reverse off the net solar UPS system

   No off-grid solar UPS system: solar photovoltaic power generation system even if the power generation is not sufficient to the public power grid, but when the solar photovoltaic system is insufficient power supply, the public power supply from the power grid.

3, switching off-grid solar UPS system

   The so-called switching off-grid solar UPS system, in fact, is a function of automatic operation of two-way switch. First, when the photovoltaic power generation system due to cloudy, rainy days and their own failure caused by insufficient power generation, the switch can automatically switch to the power supply side of the power supply from the grid to the load; Second, when the power grid for some reason , The PV system can automatically switch the grid and PV system separation, as an independent photovoltaic power generation system working conditions. Some switching type photovoltaic power generation systems can also be powered off when the power supply is required for the emergency load. General switching off-grid solar UPS system with energy storage device.

4, there are energy storage device off-grid solar UPS system

   There are energy storage devices off-grid solar UPS system: that is, in the above types of photovoltaic power generation system according to the need to configure the energy storage device. With the energy storage device PV system initiative, when the power grid power failure, power failure and failure, can be run independently, the normal power supply to the load. Therefore, off-grid solar UPS systems with energy storage devices can be used as power supply systems for critical or emergency loads such as emergency communications, medical equipment, gas stations, evacuation sites and lighting.