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Solar Aeration System Oxygen Effect Is Good

Sep 07, 2017

 solar aeration system Oxygen effect is good

Solar aeration system is a use of solar energy as a power source for water pollution control of oxygen and aeration of water recycling equipment. It has the characteristics of low operation and management cost, good oxygen effect, high flow rate, anti-clogging, long life and low running noise. Set the unique peeling aeration impeller, through the impeller rotation to enhance the role of the bottom of the hypoxic water transferred to the surface of the water surface and the surface of oxygen-rich water mixed; surface rich water through the centrifugal rotation horizontal horizontal diffusion, vertical into the underlying hypoxia The In order to realize the triple effect of water dissolution, aerobic and vertical and horizontal circulation, the surface supersaturated dissolved oxygen water is transferred to the bottom of the water body,

The selection of the solar aeration system focuses on the selection and arrangement of the air diffuser; the arrangement and calculation of the air piping; the selection of the blower and the calculation of the required number of units. Including the choice of impeller type, to determine the impeller diameter and structure size, determine the installation size, select the transmission mechanism. The choice of impeller type can be considered according to the impeller's oxygenation capacity, power efficiency and processing conditions. Editor: Zhejiang

Solar aeration system device is composed of solar photovoltaic panels, battery pack, aeration system, microcomputer control system and so on. Through the solar photovoltaic panels will be solar energy into electricity, stored in the battery, as aeration power. According to optimize the data after debugging, through the microcomputer control system to complete the automatic control, automatic operation of aeration facilities.

Through the solar aeration system on the river water proper aerated, in the river for aerobic biochemical treatment. In the pool, the organic matter was further biodegraded by the microorganism, and the concentration continued to decrease. The ammonia nitrogen was nitrified, and the concentration of NH³-N was decreased remarkably. With the increase of the concentration of NO³-N in the nitrification process, the polyphosphate bacteria in the activated sludge A large number of absorption of phosphorus in the sewage, it is converted into insoluble polyphosphate stored in the body, and finally through the discharge of excess sludge to achieve the purpose of phosphorus removal.

1, the operation of all the energy supply is from the sun, operating costs are almost zero, without any electricity.

2, equipment buried in the ground, save land, while the ground can also do green, beautify the environment.

3, no need to guard, just regular visits every week, you can check.

4, the operation of the water changes have a strong adaptability, for different water changes, can automatically adjust to ensure the normal operation of the entire equipment.

5, will not cause secondary pollution, no noise, ozone and purified water quality does not cause harm to the environment.