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DC Solar Power System Specific Requirements

Sep 07, 2017

DC solar power system Specific requirements

DC solar power system installation precautions

       As long as there is sunlight, solar panels will be electricity, so when there is sun can not cut off the power, and because of the accumulation of series voltage, the corresponding ground voltage will be high. Therefore, the installation process should strictly comply with the system vendor to provide the installation instructions, by the professional installation staff to complete. Equipment wiring part of the use of professional connectors to install, protection class IP65, electrical equipment also have air switch protection, to prevent leakage current on life hazards. At the same time, pay attention to rain and snow weather protection.

Specific requirements are as follows:

a. When installing solar panels, please use insulation tools, do not wear metal jewelry.

b. Do not disconnect the electrical connection with a load.

c. Keep the plug dry and clean, do not insert other metal objects into the plug, or in any other way to make electrical connections.

d. Do not touch or operate a solar panel with broken glass, a bezel off, and a damaged backplane unless the unit disconnects the electrical connection and you wear personal protective equipment.

e. If the components are wet, do not touch the components unless they are cleaning the solar panels, but they need to be operated as required by the component cleaning manual.

When you do not wear personal protective equipment or rubber gloves, must not touch the wet plug.

 Optimized installation of distributed photovoltaic power stations

1. Parallel and parallel optimization of distributed photovoltaic power plant square matrix

In each string array, the working current of the monolithic component is the same

Square of the parallel circuit, the requirements of each component string voltage to be the same

2. Pile selection and installation method classification

The choice of cable

PV DC cable requirements: anti-ultraviolet, anti-aging, anti-high and low temperature, anti-corrosion and flame retardant and other performance requirements, the choice of GB double insulated UV flame retardant copper cable (electrical performance in line with "rubber and plastic hose static Determination of UV performance "GB / T18950 performance test requirements and line standard" photovoltaic power generation system cable "CEEIA B218-2012).

AC cable requirements: the choice of copper cable, or alloy aluminum cable.