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Off Grid Solar UPS System Effectively Improve

Jul 20, 2017

Off Grid Solar UPS System Effectively improve

Distributed power generation refers to the use of building roofs and ancillary venues construction of power generation projects, in the project filing can choose "spontaneous self-use, electricity Internet" or "full Internet" in a model. It advocates the principle of near-generation, near-grid, near-conversion, near-use, not only can effectively increase the power generation of the same size power station, but also effectively solve the power in the boost and long-distance transport loss. With the layout of flexible, small scale, short construction period and other characteristics of the load center in the construction of obvious advantages.

In recent years, in the national electricity price subsidies and other policies to support the rapid expansion of power generation scale. According to the National Development and Reform Commission Energy Research Institute forecast, 2016 new installed capacity of more than 33 million kilowatts, accumulated more than 76 million kilowatts, the annual growth rate of more than 75%. In addition, many companies have begun to develop distributed projects. Policy vigorously tilted, the focus shifted, the distribution will usher in a real explosive growth.

National government subsidies to protect the escort

National policy subsidies have been affecting all the nerves, the second half of 2016, on the decline in subsidies rumors everywhere. Until the recent Development and Reform Commission issued an official document, distributed subsidy price remained unchanged at 0.42 yuan!

The definite news came out, before a variety of distributed rumors of self-defeating, not only stabilize the hearts of the majority of practitioners, but also let everyone see the country for the full development of distributed support.

Clean energy use become a general trend

The tradition of the earth, non-renewable energy will one day be exhausted, the pollution brought about by the price, but also let people hate. Clean energy is like a ray of sunshine, spreading hope. Global energy structure is imperative, clean energy is a step by step alternative to polluting energy. Solar energy is one of the best, no pollution, zero emissions, inexhaustible inexhaustible.

China has become the world's largest power plant installed capacity of the country; the current size of the British solar power plant has exceeded the coal power generation; India is also expected in 2022, solar power installed capacity of 100GW; solar energy alternative to traditional energy time just around you Do not catch up with the trend, as a part of clean energy consumption.

Power generation technological progress is lower.

The efficiency of solar cells continues to increase. The laboratory efficiency of single crystal silicon cells has increased from the current 6% in the 1950s to 24.7%. The laboratory efficiency of polycrystalline silicon cells also reached 20.3%. The cost of solar cell components is also significantly reduced, 30 years to reduce the two orders of magnitude. Technological innovation, component cost reduction, spontaneous generation of electricity from the Internet model of the induction, which is ready for the installation of distributed owners is also a catalyst. It is foreseeable that the distribution of the next few years will become the absolute protagonist of the domestic market.