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DC Solar Power System According To The Photovoltaic Effect

Aug 02, 2017

DC solar power system According to the photovoltaic effect

Solar energy in the use of modern society more and more widely, then, how is the sun into electrical energy?

The main principle of solar power generation is based on the photovoltaic effect, issued by the solar components of direct current. If it is the grid system through the grid inverter directly into the power grid; if it is off-grid system through the solar controller to the battery and load charge and discharge.

Photovoltaic effect

A beam of light on the semiconductor and on the metal or insulator on the effect is very different. As the free electrons in the metal so much, so that the light caused by changes in the conductivity is completely negligible. Insulators at high temperatures have not been able to stimulate more electrons to participate in conduction. And the conductivity between the metal and the insulator between the semiconductor on the body of the electron binding force is much smaller than the insulator, visible light photon energy can be excited from the bound to the free conductive state, which is the semiconductor photoelectric effect. When there is an electric field in the local area of the semiconductor, the photogenerated carriers will accumulate, and there is no difference between the electric field and the electric field, and the photoelectric voltage will be generated on both sides of the electric field due to the charge accumulation. This is the photovoltaic effect.

Classification of solar energy systems

First, grid-connected solar power generation system

1, single-phase grid-connected power generation system

2, three-phase grid-connected power generation system

Second, off-grid solar power generation system

1, DC solar power generation system

2, exchange solar power generation system

3, AC and DC solar power generation system

Third, off - grid hybrid solar power generation system

The inverter is the brain of the entire solar power generation system, so it is necessary to ensure that the output power of the inverter matches the output power of the square matrix reasonably. PV system The correct inverter means that it can output the correct message type and value to the end user.

At least you should be able to see power and power values in the inverter. Some people also want to see voltage and current values, and if you are such a person, we can install a more complex monitoring system for you. If you know nothing about running the system terms, it is difficult to ensure that the system will run safely. The direct networking system in a home solar power system does need to rely on the merit of the utility grid because its inverter must obey the leadership of the grid and, if the utility grid exceeds the acceptable limits, it must be off the net.

Interacting with the grid, the system with the battery has a little flexibility, but the grid is still essential for it.

For the DC solar power system and the public power grid and voltage problems, because the inverter must take "obedience" attitude, so it is important for both photovoltaic power generation systems. Inverter side of the voltage side of the window, compared with the DC side is much smaller, and in the security considerations, the exchange side is not adjustable. For all grid interactive inverters, the acceptable voltage range is the nominal line voltage -12% - + 10%.