Wind and Solar Hybrid System

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The product is an integrated system with wind and/or solar energy source, smart controller and LED lighting. The electricity is from wind and/or solar energy hybrid system without any conventional energy consumption ensuring the energy source at any condition. The system works using LED light with high brightness and long service life. The smart controller system uses multiple energy-saving circuit design to improve the luminous efficiency and has the capability of supervisory control and data acquisition.
The product is convenient to install without the cable necessary for traditional streetlights. It has the low using and installation cost. It can be widely used in fields such as the street, landscape, parks, garden, and other places.
Working principle
The product uses the solar cells which convert solar energy to electrical energy through photovoltaic effect and the wind-driven generator which convert the wind energy to electrical energy. The electrical energy is stored in the battery through the smart controller. When the illumination reduces to 10lux and the solar-cell open circuit voltage is lower than 4.5V, the batteries tart to discharge.
During the days with sunlight, electricity is generated from the solar cell. During the cloudy and rainy days, electricity is from the wind. Together with the solar and wind energy, the integrated system can provide 24-hour power to the light. The electricity can be stored by the battery unit and power the light through the controller at nights. The controller ensures the light working and data acquisition.
Light Source: LED light
Voltage(V): DC10.5V-14.4V
Rated Power(W): 30W
Color Temp. (K): 5000-6500
Color Rendering: Ra> 70
Luminous Flux: > 2000 lm
Beam Angle(degree): 140°
Center Illumination: > 15 lux
IP Grade: IP65
Solar Cell(W): 100W
Energy storage system: Lead-acid battery, 12V/200Ah
Continuous Service Days under Rainy Condition: 5days
1. Vertical axis wind turbine.
2. Start wind speed is 1.2m/s, cut-in wind speed is 1.8m/s.
3. Volume is 2/3 less than others.
4. Weight is 3/4 less than others.
5. Generate efficiency 20-30% more than others.

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