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DC Solar Power System Photovoltaic Power Station

Jul 20, 2017

DC solar power system Photovoltaic power station

You absolutely can not think of, just a few years, rural home solar photovoltaic power generation installation is rapidly spreading, wiping the PV module, watching the meter, than the power generation! This is now most rural folks every day to do things, photovoltaic power generation from the past "rare things" to now into the homes of ordinary people, in the end what aspects of the enthusiasm of the villagers to set up the enthusiasm?

One can not be separated from the national level policy-led

Throughout the domestic and international photovoltaic industry are inseparable from the policy support. At present in the country for photovoltaic power generation policy support is also unprecedented. First, the process is simplified, allowing users to apply, the installation becomes more convenient.

Second, resource-rich, in situ to take "material"

Domestic solar photovoltaic power generation installed in the countryside is rich in roof resources, and now the rural roof is basically for the north and south, and to flat roof or sloping roof-based, very suitable for the stable construction of photovoltaic power plants.

Third, continuous operation, stable income

For the photovoltaic power generation system industry continues to run for 20 years of theoretical life, from the installation to 20 years will continue to benefit from the user point of view the main income for the state subsidies, selling electricity, energy-saving three aspects of electricity. General 5kW of photovoltaic power plants in the existing subsidy policy unchanged, 6-8 years back to the original. The remaining 10 years are income. Rural household solar photovoltaic power generation installation of photovoltaic power generation as a pension money tools, investment and financial management.

Fourth, easy operation and maintenance

Rural household solar photovoltaic power generation installation users only need to regularly on the PV components above the leaves, dust, birds, feces and other clean, to ensure that the PV module without shelter. Also note that there are vegetation shelters around the roof, if there is to be dealt with in a timely manner. At the same time, for the drying of crops in the drying of crops, drying clothes and other acts must not be.

Focus on solar power supply system 13 years, homogeneous low-cost competitive environment, insist on emphasizing the quality. For seven consecutive years of accident rate, so that you and our cooperation, experience "buy a rest assured, buy a safe, buy a stable."

With the global tension in the traditional energy supply, new energy is not only sought after by many enterprises, but also by the state and all levels of government attach great importance to the solar energy industry is particularly popular. Solar thermal began to be widely recognized by the community, China's rapid growth of solar thermal market.

The National Energy Administration has issued a "notice on the construction of solar thermal power generation demonstration project" "on the establishment of renewable energy development and utilization of the guidance system guidance" "Energy Technology Revolution Innovation Action Plan (2016 ~ 2030)" "on the construction Solar thermal power generation demonstration project notice "" on the solar thermal power grid benchmark price policy notice ", approved solar thermal power grid benchmark price of 1.15 yuan / kWh.