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DC Solar Power System Energy Trends

Jul 05, 2017

DC solar power system Energy trends

It can be seen that the future period of time in China's home photovoltaic power plant scale will continue to rise. The extreme expansion of power station makes the quality of power station problems gradually highlighted. It can be said that the current China's photovoltaic power plants are experiencing a "quantitative change to qualitative change" process. In this case, the photovoltaic industry needs a reasonable power plant operation and maintenance management to achieve the purpose of cost reduction, thus promoting the development of the entire industry. That in the PV "after the subsidy" era, photovoltaic power plants in the end what kind of operation and maintenance management skills? At present, China's home photovoltaic power plant operation and maintenance management is still in its infancy, the industry widespread contempt for production preparation, contemplation operation and maintenance management and other phenomena, the importance of power plant operation and maintenance management has not been given enough attention; and the industry for power plant equipment The operation and maintenance management simply rely on the equipment manufacturers to eliminate the lack of mode, making the power station problem is difficult to find and solve the first time; In addition, the professional and management mode of the extreme lack of serious obstruction of the power operation and operation of the healthy development , Making China's photovoltaic power generation quality is difficult to achieve a higher level. In recent years, China's rapid development of photovoltaic industry, installed capacity has been ranked first in the world for three consecutive years, the first half of 2016, the emergence of the tide is the home of China's home photovoltaic power plant scale to a new high. With the National Development and Reform Commission, "on the adjustment of new energy benchmarks on the electricity price notice (draft)" issued, photovoltaic benchmarking price once again ushered in the cut is a foregone conclusion. Electricity prices once again down to bring great pressure to the industry, but industry experts generally believe that the price cut also contains development opportunities. According to OFweek industry research center analyst Sun Dongdong predicted that the draft is expected to be in the fourth quarter of 2016 to 2017 in the first quarter once again aroused a wave of wave rush. Global Green Energy Trends

In Europe and the United States, home photovoltaic power plant has long been a common household appliances. The Paris Agreement, signed last year, has given global attention to climate change. Green energy gradually replaced the traditional kerosene power generation consensus, gradually spread in the world. Home distributed photovoltaic power plant for each power, equivalent to saving 0.4 kg of standard coal, carbon dioxide emissions 0.947 kg, with a very significant energy saving effect.

 National policy support

 Home photovoltaic power plant once every power can get 0.42 yuan of state subsidies, subsidies for 20 years. In addition, the local also has a corresponding subsidy policy, such as Beijing subsidies 0.3 yuan / degree, subsidies for 3 years; Shanghai subsidy 0.4 yuan / degree, subsidies for 5 years. With the simplicity of the wind and the windows of the style more and more sought after, therefore, by the double glass components to build photovoltaic integrated building to become the trend, the roof of the reform of the domestic photovoltaic power plant has become a new architectural design standard. Everywhere also introduced green building standards, to encourage the integration of photovoltaic construction and roof photovoltaic power plant construction. In addition, home photovoltaic power plant there is still an invincible skills - cooling insulation. Because the solar panel itself, the endothermic properties to ensure that the roof itself is not subject to sun exposure, then the house will maintain a relatively cool temperature, to achieve a real power saving effect.