2kw Wind-Solar Hybrid Power System

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-1kw wind turbine
-1kw solar panel
-1kw solar controller
-300 ah battery
-control inverter all-in-one

1. the daily output will be more stable, since both energy sources may offset the variations in output mutually. the overall system will be productive during the day and during the night, since wind power isn't limited by sunlight. of course, production will be higher during the day but it doesn't drop to zero at night. 
2. seasonal variations are offset. solar pv systems are more productive during the summer, and wind turbines are more productive during the winter since the weather tends to be more windy. viewed on a yearly basis, the seasonal variations in production are offset. 
3. if the installation is off the grid, smaller battery banks are required. it is possible for the system to operate with a smaller energy storage, since one of the two sources operates day and night. batteries are also subject to a less aggressive charge/discharge cycle, increasing their service life. 
4. if a backup diesel gen-set is used, it can also be sized smaller. there is less uncertainty with respect to the combined wind and solar energy supply. if there is need to use a generator, it will be less frequently and for shorter periods of time. 

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