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Solar Aeration System Sewage For Aeration Treatment

Jul 05, 2017

Solar Aeration System Sewage for aeration treatment

Solar aerator through the aeration of sewage treatment, can play a role in governance and clean sewage, is the recent rise of aeration aerated equipment, the solar power as a direct power operation, set a unique peeling Pull aeration impeller, through the impeller rotation to enhance the role of the bottom of the hypoxic water transferred to the surface of the water surface with the surface of oxygen-rich water mixture, the surface rich in water through the centrifugal rotation horizontal horizontal diffusion, vertical into the underlying hypoxia. Solar aerator to achieve the water layer, oxygen and vertical and horizontal cycle exchange triple effect, the maximum surface of the supersaturated dissolved oxygen water to the bottom of the water body to increase the bottom of the water dissolved oxygen, to eliminate natural stratification, improve water self Ability to ensure the biodegradation of microbial biodegradation, and to maintain the reactor microbial, substrate, dissolved oxygen, that is, mud, water, gas mixture of the three, for microbial degradation of organic matter to provide favorable biochemical reaction conditions. At the same time, the aeration is also the most expensive operation process in the wastewater aerobic treatment system. The aeration oxygen consumption power consumption generally accounts for 60% ~ 70% of the total power consumption. Therefore, it is preferable to have low energy consumption and low cost Significance.

Today, through the continuous improvement of process technology, in order to save the cost of such equipment running, now has a solar aerator into the application. The use of solar energy, can greatly reduce the power function and pay the huge power costs. In recent years, with the traditional sewage treatment methods have been gradually eliminated, making the sewage treatment industry in the new model requires new sewage treatment equipment to break through the bottleneck, and the use of solar energy in the sewage treatment of solar water treatment equipment is to break the bottleneck Useful method. The use of solar energy in urban sewage treatment purification is a successful experience. Solar water treatment equipment is a large stable ecological system, it is almost no need to protect and power, energy consumption is usually sewage treatment system 1/6 to 1/3, and has to create. Compared with the ordinary sewage treatment equipment, the application of solar micro-power sewage treatment technology is more advantages. Here we take a look at the solar sewage treatment equipment, what are the advantages?

1, the operating costs are almost zero, without any electricity, the operation of all the energy supply is from the nature - the sun;

2, no need to guard, just regular visits every week, you can check;

3, the operation of the water changes have a strong adaptability, for different water changes, can automatically adjust to ensure the normal operation of the entire equipment;

4, will not cause secondary pollution, no noise, ozone and purified water quality does not cause harm to the environment;

5, less sludge generated, the general operation of a two-year system to take a sediment. In the process of sediment removal, there is no ozone pollution, and the sediment can be used as a high quality soil for plant cultivation.

6, solar sewage treatment equipment can be applied to residential residential quarters, villas, scenic tourist areas, small towns, rural transformation and other domestic sewage treatment.

The widespread use of solar sewage treatment equipment will change the traditional form of sewage treatment mode, is the future of sewage treatment technology development of the primary direction!