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What are the precautions for using solar aerator?

Dec 04, 2019

1. Ensure that the room of the solar river aerator is well ventilated. The aerator is a large energy consumer of the sewage treatment system. It generates heat during its operation. If its temperature cannot be diffused in time, especially in summer, it will cause the temperature of the aerator to rise too high.

This alternation will affect the life of the motor. In severe cases, the solar river exposed gas turbine will be shut down due to insufficient power. If necessary, air-conditioning cooling can be adopted to solve the problem of temperature rise of exposed fan.

2. In the daily management process, the inlet and outlet wind pressure of the blower should be checked regularly. If the inlet air pressure is too low, the inlet filter should be cleaned or replaced in a timely manner. If the outlet air pressure is too high, the air outlet duct should be checked. The reason may be the exposure of the microporous membrane of the air inlet or the accumulation of water in the air duct. Clean the microporous membrane in time or solve it.


3. The air temperature of the blower should be controlled, especially in summer. Excessive air temperature exceeds the temperature of the fan, but also affects the oxygenation. Generally can be prevented by exposure and direct sunlight.

4, pay attention to lubrication and maintenance, strictly in accordance with the requirements of solar river aerator manufacturers of operation, maintenance operating procedures, regular inspection and timely replacement of lubricating oil.