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Solar cell component selection

Nov 14, 2019

The battery assembly is divided into a single crystal silicon battery assembly, a polycrystalline silicon battery assembly, and an amorphous battery assembly. Single crystals have the highest power generation efficiency, and can emit more electricity in the same area. It is most suitable for selecting a single crystal with a small mountable area, but the unit price will be higher. The efficiency of polysilicon is second, and it is more economical to choose polysilicon with a relatively large installation area, and the price is relatively low. The lowest efficiency of amorphous silicon is generally not recommended. (Small knowledge: single crystal cell sheets are generally rounded, polycrystalline cells are generally square)

The five parameters of the battery pack are peak power, open circuit voltage, short circuit current, operating voltage, and operating current. The selection of these parameters is very important.

The battery packs vary in size depending on the power, and the power of the single components ranges from 10W to 300W. The power of a single component is proportional to the size of the area, so choose the most suitable size of the battery pack to meet your installation space requirements. For example, your 20 square meter space is 2 meters * 10 meters, and you can choose the installation method as shown below.