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Steps when installing solar aerator

Dec 04, 2019

1. Use M6x25 bolts to connect the pontoon to the bracket.

2. Place a rubber pad in the fixing groove of the bracket, place the host body on the groove of the bracket, and then fix the host firmly with the positioning press.

3. The cable of the motor is fixed on the bracket with a cable tie.

4. Install two traction cables on the pontoon. The length of the cables is determined according to the expected installation position.

5. Before putting the installed machine into the pond, you must first measure the depth of the bottom of the pool and adjust the diving depth of the host to keep the distance between the host and the bottom of the pool above 60 cm, so as not to pump up the mud at the bottom of the pond.

6. Connect the power cable to the terminal board on the shore.


7. Turn on the power and observe whether the direction of rotation of the impeller is consistent with the direction shown on the turning sign. If they are not consistent, any two of the three monochrome core wires of the power line can be reversed.

8. When installing into the pond, use two cables or three or four cables to anchor on the installation column in the pond.

9. If the water pattern is too high or too low after the machine is turned on, you can adjust the height of the motor bracket to change the water pattern height. When the main engine is high, the water type is high, but the impeller should be submerged below the water surface.