3KW Solar Power UPS

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3KW Solar Power UPS

Solar Power UPS System integrated with both solar power and grid power is called as solar ups or solar generator. Solar UPS basically simple and produces power without interruption during outages and blackouts. And in addition the solar panels generated free current also be charged in the built-in batteries with help of integrated charge controller of the solar ups system.This kind of features helps to reduce grid power usage During daylight time.

Do not worry if there is no grid power in your area. The UPS can be used as an off grid solar power system as well. Now, let our 3kw solar power UPS system make your life more energetic.

Product Specifications:



Inverter Power:


Solar Panel:

2000W (250W × 8pcs)

Output Voltage:

110V / 220V / 230V / 240V ± 3%

Output Frequency:

50Hz / 60Hz ± 3Hz


48V 200Ah (12V 100Ah × 8)

Charge Controller:

2 × 48V 30A

Charging Time:

4 hours by solar panels (in good sunshine condition)

Loads and working time reference:

Electric Appliances

Loading Watts

Working time

10 x 11W CFL


56 Hours

1 x 150W TV


42 Hours

1 x 120W Freezer


52 Hours

3 x 60W Fan


56 Hours

1 x 350W Washer


18 Hours

2 x 150W Computer


22 Hours

1 x 800W Microwave oven


7.5 Hours

1 x 1500 Air conditioner


4 Hours

Succeeded OEM & ODM Examples: 

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