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Solar Aeration System Surface Water Management Must Be

Aug 15, 2017

 solar aeration system Surface water management must be

Solar aeration system, used in rivers, lakes, reservoirs, artificial lake and other surface water treatment of the necessary aeration equipment, with many advantages:

    Low cost, quick, easy installation, daily work does not require someone to operate.

    No dynamic laminar flow mode operation, can be large flow of efficient water circulation.

    The outlet can be designed as needed and suitable for deep-water lakes or reservoirs.

    Using stainless steel and engineering plastics and other anti-corrosion materials, long service life.

    Equipment floating in the water, do not need to install the foundation, will not be affected by the water level.

    Eco-friendly, do not need to add any chemicals, no secondary pollution.

 Solar aeration system is a use of solar energy as a power source for water pollution control of oxygen and aeration of water recycling equipment. It has the characteristics of low operation and management cost, good oxygen effect, high flow rate, anti-clogging, long life and low running noise. OBAO SOLARAER is a typical solution of solar energy aeration system, ideal for rivers, lakes, reservoirs, oxidation ponds, artificial lakes and other water supply conditions inadequate water.

    Solar aeration system, set a unique peeling aeration impeller, through the impeller rotation to enhance the role of the bottom of the hypoxic water transferred to the surface of the water surface with the surface of oxygen-rich water mixture; surface rich water through the centrifugal rotation horizontal horizontal diffusion, Vertical into the underlying hypoxia area. Thus the realization of water solution layer, oxygen and vertical and horizontal cycle exchange triple effect, the maximum surface of the supersaturated dissolved oxygen water transferred to the bottom of the water body to increase the bottom of the water dissolved oxygen, to eliminate natural stratification, improve water self-purification capacity.

  Up and down the exchange of reoxygenation: the bottom of the hypoxic water body and oxygen contact, the formation of saturated dissolved oxygen water raised to the surface of the water body, and then into the lower water body to improve the dissolved oxygen content of the lower water body to prevent water due to lack of oxygen and deterioration, Substances, amines and other chemical substances distributed, and promote the bottom of the water biochemical water purification effect.

    To stimulate the water self-purification capacity: the bottom of the water body in the case of increased temperature and dissolved oxygen, the bottom of the deposition of animal excreta, death of animals and plants, organic sludge, corrupt algae and other harmful substances decomposition, thereby improving the sediment, , To enhance the water self-purification capacity.