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Balancing Scooter Green Products

Aug 15, 2017

Balancing Scooter Green products

With the strengthening of people's awareness of environmental protection, balance scooters gradually into the people's vision. Balancing scooters are a new type of green product that modern people use as a means of transport and recreation. So what is the main structure of the balance skateboard?

Balanced scooters are mainly composed of two parts, part of the balance is the main body of the scooter; the other part is the balance of the direction of the slider control handle. The direction of the handle is used to control the direction of the process of running the body; and balance the main body of the scooter is called the main reason for the self-balancing car, the following describes the main structure of the balance skateboard main structure:

1. Control circuit board: control circuit board and includes the sensor module, the operation module, the motor control drive module;

2. Balance sensor components: the gyroscope, or gyroscope and accelerometer combination;

3. Battery: currently used to balance the battery in the battery to lead-acid batteries and lithium-based;

4. Motor: used in the balance of scooters or wheeled bales above the motor, from the function can be roughly divided into DC motor, stepper motor, servo motor; from the structure is divided into brush motor and brushless motor; From the balance of the motor program is divided into independent motor plus gear transmission program and the wheel of one wheel drive program.

5. Other components: including cars, wheels and so on.

What is the composition of the structure for the balance of the skateboard today for everyone to share here, the balance of scooters using battery power supply, the environment completely pollution-free, absolutely green, and can be used repeatedly. And the motor running high efficiency, low noise efficiency, thus reducing the noise pollution, but also save energy.

Wheel: wheel multi-purpose PU shock absorber manufacturing, if the use of the number of times (about 1 week twice), the best for every six months, such as frequent use (about 1 week 5 times), the best every March An electric skateboard wheel.

Pedal: low-quality electric scooter pedal can withstand the weight of small, adults a step on the bend, pedal bending enough to affect the entire skateboard structure, so that the player can not be handy or even dangerous, and the general safety pedal can withstand 110 kg The following weight.