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Off Grid Solar UPS System Power Supply

Jun 07, 2017

Installation and commissioning of large UPS

1 large UPS installation

1.1 Equipment site environmental requirements

Low-power UPS power supply equipment due to small size, light weight, placed more convenient,

No need for a dedicated site, and the load can be placed near. And large, medium-sized UPS need to have a special venue.

(1) equipment in place should be a level of hard ground, if the installation of anti-static activities of the floor,You need to consider the floor load-bearing,The steel bracket should be set according to the weight of the equipment. The site should be able to get all the necessary services, especially light, electricity and good ventilation.

 Most large and medium-sized UPS standard models for the down and down the cable type. ups

The ventilated air intake of the cabinet is located on the front or side of the cabinet, and the air outlet is in the upper part of the cabinet. To this end, in the installationUPS, the user is required to prepare the cable laying in advance, the depth of 40cmabout. When the user uses the bridge cable laying method, the cable should be used on the type of type.

(2) in place should be no dust, in particular, should not have the nature of the dust,Otherwise it may cause the internal circuit of the device to short-circuit and affect the UPSReliable operation. At the same time the site should not include or near the heat source to ensure that the environmental conditions specified in the power supply equipment.

(3) In order to facilitate operation and equipment maintenance and equipment cooling,Should be at least the equipment around the cabinet left 50 ~ 100cm, the upper left 100cm of space.

Design the cooling room ventilation system to consider the heat generated by UPS equipment.

(4) UPS on the working environment temperature requirements in the 0 ~ 35 ℃, the best temperature of 25℃ or so. The best humidity of 40% to 60%.

1.2 Unboxing in place

Large and medium-sized UPS equipment and accessories are wooden boxes. In the unboxing must be carefully removed, timely inspection equipment and accessories (batteries, etc.)

Whether it is damaged during transport. Before clearing the packaging material,

Make sure all accessories are found. If the equipment or accessories are damaged or do not match the equipment contract, should be done on-site records, and immediately contact the supplier.

Equipment into the venue should pay attention to handling safety,

To prevent the cabinet tilt, drop the injured or cause damage to equipment.