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Off Grid Solar UPS System Independent Running System

Aug 29, 2017

Off Grid Solar UPS System Independent running system

Off-grid solar UPS system

Also known as independent photovoltaic system, the system is independent of the power grid, which consists of solar panels, energy storage batteries, charging and discharge controllers, inverters and other components. Directly into electricity from the solar panel and storage battery, the need for electric power supply, the direct current flows through the inverter in the accumulator translates into 220 v alternating current, this is a repeated cycle of charging and discharging process. This kind of power generation system is not limited by geographical, is widely used, as long as there is sunlight can install and use, so no power grid is very suitable for remote areas and islands, fishing boats, outdoor breeding base, etc., can also be as the emergency of frequent blackouts in power generation equipment.

The system has to be equipped with a battery and accounts for 30 to 50 percent of the cost of the system. Moreover, the life of the battery is generally 3-5 years, and then it has to be replaced, which increases the cost of use. In terms of economy, it is difficult to get widespread use, so it is not suitable for use in convenient places.

But it has a strong practicality for households without power grid areas or frequent blackouts. Especially in order to solve the lighting problem of power failure, can use dc energy-saving lamp, very practical. Grid solar power generation system

Connected to the public grid is the link between solar power, home power grids, and the public grid, which must rely on existing power grids to operate. Is mainly composed of solar panels and inverters, solar panels are issued directly by the inverter into 220 v alternating current (ac) and for household appliances power supply, when solar power is more than household appliances use electricity, transmission to the public on excess electricity grid; And when solar power cannot meet the use of household appliances, it is automatically replenished from the grid. And this whole process is intelligent control and doesn't need to be opened or closed.

Simple, off-grid system is to rely on solar power storage to storage battery, and then through the inverter you become household 220 v voltage, interconnection system from name can probably understand, what he is and grid applications? Yes, he and the utility grid, grid no storage device to store solar energy power generation system, directly through the inverter into the national grid and electric voltage, and the priority for the use of family, family to burn electricity can be sold to the countries, the current national policy is good, is strongly support solar photovoltaic power generation, but interconnection with the local departments of the state grid to apply for, if they are interested in dial 95598 for consultation, the following more detailed explain it with you