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Off Grid Solar UPS System Application Of Photovoltaic Off - Grid

Oct 20, 2017

off grid solar UPS system Application of photovoltaic off - grid

Offline solar UPS system design ideas, common problems and solutions

 In modern daily life, we usually think that electricity is a matter of course, however, there are more than 2 billion people living in power shortage or no electricity in the world. In our country, for example, due to differences in the level of economic development, there are still some remote areas of the population in the west did not solve the problem of basic electricity, can not enjoy the modern civilization. PV off-grid power generation can not only solve the problem of basic electricity consumption in non-electric or less electricity areas, but also clean and efficient use of local energy sources can effectively solve the contradiction between energy and the environment. At present, the research of grid-connected system has been paid enough attention and the technology is mature, but the off-grid system also faces many difficulties, which restricts the application and development of PV off-grid.

PV off-grid rigid consumer demand, customers polarization, one is not bad money, "Tyrant", are most concerned about is the reliability of the system, mainly private island owners, the villa owners, communication base stations, monitoring systems, and the other Is the poor in remote areas, the most concerned about the price of the product. From the project scale point of view, one is for a single customer small project or a small project of a single project, the other is for a specific group of large projects, such as the national non-electric photovoltaic poverty alleviation projects. Off-grid system for different customers, to take a different design, try to meet the actual needs of customers.

 Off-grid solar UPS system mainly by the PV modules, brackets, controllers, inverters, batteries and power distribution system components. System electrical design, the main considerations components, inverter (controller), battery selection and calculation. Before designing, preliminary work to do, we need to understand the user to install the climatic conditions of the location, the type of load and power; day and night electricity, of course, the user's budget and economic situation should understand clearly, photovoltaic off-grid system, Electricity is by weather, there is no 100% reliability, and this must be clear and the customer. Know these above, you can start to do the design.

 The vast majority of the energy required by man comes directly or indirectly from the sun. Plants release oxygen through photosynthesis, absorb carbon dioxide, and convert solar energy into chemical energy to store it in plants. Coal, oil, natural gas and other fossil fuels are also the ancient buried in the underground flora and fauna after a long period of geological evolution of the formation of primary energy. The energy of the earth itself usually refers to the energy associated with the heat inside the earth and the energy associated with the nuclear reaction.

The energy associated with the nuclear reaction is nuclear energy. When the structure of the nucleus changes can release a lot of energy, known as the nuclear energy, referred to as nuclear energy, commonly known as atomic energy. It comes from the storage of uranium in the crust, plutonium and other fission reaction when the nuclear fission energy resources, as well as the storage of debris in the ocean, tritium, lithium and other fusion reaction when the nuclear fusion energy resources. These substances release energy when nuclear reactions occur. The biggest use of nuclear energy is power generation. In addition, it can also be used as other types of power sources, heat sources and so on.