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DC Solar Power System Main Component

Oct 20, 2017

DC solar power system main component

What is photovoltaic power generation?

Photovoltaic power generation is a device that uses solar modules to convert solar energy directly into electrical energy. Solar Module (Solar Module) is the use of semiconductor materials to achieve the electronic properties of PV conversion of a material in the vast area without electricity, the device can be easily achieved for the user lighting and life power supply can also be connected with the regional grid To achieve complementarity. At present, from the perspective of civil technology, foreign technology research is becoming mature and industrialization is the "photovoltaic building integration" technology (BIPV), and the domestic research and development for the non-electric areas of home lighting with small solar power system, large PV grid technology is starting.

Photovoltaic power generation system form

There are two main types: 1. Independent photovoltaic power generation system (off-grid system) 2. Grid-connected photovoltaic power generation system

In recent years, photovoltaic power generation system, grid-connected photovoltaic power generation system is the main direction of development, it can save the cost of the battery; by studying the ideal maximum power tracking control technology, will also reduce the cost of solar cell power generation.

The main components of an independent system

Photovoltaic array


3. battery pack

4. Inverter

5. Monitoring system

6. Load

The main components of the grid system

Photovoltaic array

2. Grid-connected inverter

Public grid

4. Monitoring system

Photovoltaic array

A single component of the power generation is very limited, the actual use of a single component through the cable and the wire box to achieve the components of the string, parallel, the composition of the entire component system, known as the PV array.

Photovoltaic controller

The PV controller is a very important component in the independent photovoltaic power generation system. The PV array controls the battery pack to charge the battery pack and controls the discharge of the battery pack to the rear load, to realize the overcharge and over discharge protection of the battery pack, to temperature compensation the battery, and Monitor the battery voltage and start the relevant auxiliary control.


The inverter is a device that converts a direct current (eg 12 VDC) into an alternating current (e.g., 220 VAC). Generally divided into independent inverter and grid-connected inverter.