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How to apply to build your own home PV system

Nov 14, 2019

First of all, residents should have independent venues (such as roofs) to install. If they are public roofs, they need to ask for neighbors' consent.

In the second step, residents should seek permission from the industry committee or neighborhood committee of the self-built power station community.

In the third step, the residents went to the business hall of the power company to apply for the distributed photovoltaic power generation project, and the exchange department introduced the site survey in the future, and organized the review of the 380V (220V) volt scheme.

In the fourth step, if there is a problem in designing the receiving scheme and equipment, the power supply department will provide an access plan and access to the grid. The residents will modify the facility according to the plan and opinion letter.

The fifth step is to install it yourself or find a professional company to install the grid connection system.

The sixth step, after being installed, informs the power company to come over and accept the metering device. They will install the metering device in the resident's home and sign the electricity agreement to complete the final grid connection procedure.