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Maintenance and maintenance of solar collectors

Oct 30, 2019

1.1 Try to avoid the phenomenon of solar drying and suffocating in the solar collector system during operation.

The main point of operation and management of solar collectors is to avoid the air drying operation of the collector, especially the vacuum tube type collector, and at the same time, avoid the suffocation caused by the non-flow of the collector.

1.2 collector antifreeze problem

For systems that use antifreeze as a heat transfer medium, check the composition of the antifreeze before the winter season to determine whether it affects the antifreeze performance and replace the antifreeze.

For systems using water as a heat transfer medium, antifreeze measures such as emptying, recirculation, circulation, and heating can be used to prevent freezing.

1.3 collector to prevent excessive problems

When the system is out of use or the water temperature in the summer tank is too high, the collector can be covered with a sunscreen or other items to reduce the sun's exposure and avoid excessive collectors.

1.4 collector cleaning and descaling

For flat-plate collectors, keep the transparent sheets clean, often remove the ash, and ensure a high gap, usually scrubbing once every six months to one year.

For vacuum tube type collectors, it is best to periodically clean or flush the dust on the surface of the collector as the conditions permit, because the dust will adhere to the vacuum tube, which will affect the transmittance of light and the reflectivity of the reflector. Therefore, the outer surface of the vacuum tube can be scrubbed from half a year to one year. When scrubbing, first scrub the vacuum tube with soapy water or washing powder, then rinse the surface of the vacuum tube with clean water.

The water temperature in the heat collecting system is high, and it is easy to form scale, which seriously affects the heat absorption efficiency of the collector, and needs regular descaling, and is generally cleaned every six months to one year.