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Wind Solar Hybrid Solar System The Use Of Wind Energy And Solar Energy Resources Complementarity

Jun 13, 2017

Wind Solar Hybrid Solar System The use of wind energy and solar energy resources complementarity

Energy is an important material basis for national economic development and people's life. In the past 200 years, based on coal, oil, natural gas and other fossil fuels on the basis of the energy system greatly promoted the development of human society. But humans use fossil fuels at the same time, but also bring serious environmental pollution and ecosystem damage. In recent years, countries around the world have come to realize the importance of energy to mankind and the destruction of the environment and ecosystems in the process of conventional energy use. Countries have begun according to national conditions, governance and mitigation has deteriorated environment, and renewable, non-polluting new energy development and utilization as an important part of sustainable development. Wind and solar power generation system is a new type of energy power generation system which has the comparability with wind energy and solar energy resources, and has a good application prospect.

Scenery is complementary, is a set of power generation application system, the system is the use of solar cells, wind turbines (alternating current into DC) will be sent to the battery storage capacity, when the user needs electricity, the inverter will The battery stored in the battery into AC power, through the transmission line to the user load. Is a wind turbine and solar cell square two kinds of power generation equipment common power generation.

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The original wind and solar power generation system, is the wind turbine and PV modules for a simple combination, because the lack of detailed mathematical calculation model, while the system is only used to ensure low rate of users, resulting in long service life.

In recent years, with the development of wind and solar power generation system continues to expand, guarantee rate and economic requirements to improve, foreign countries have developed a number of simulation of wind power, photovoltaic and complementary power generation system performance of large tools package. The best system configuration can be achieved by simulating the performance and power costs of different system configurations. Which colorado state university and national renewable energy laboratory cooperation in the development of hybrid2 application software. Hybrid2 itself is a very good software, it is a very complex simulation of the wind system simulation operation, according to the input of the complementary power generation system structure, load characteristics and installation site of the wind speed, solar radiation data obtained 8760 hours a year simulation results The But hybrid2 is only a powerful simulation software, itself does not have the function of optimizing the design, and expensive, the need for professional strong.

There are two main ways to design power for wind and solar power generation system: First, the power matching method, that is, in different radiation and wind speed corresponding to the photovoltaic array power and fan power and load power, mainly with The optimal control of the system; the other is the energy matching method, that is, in different radiation and wind speed corresponding to the photovoltaic array power generation and fan power generation and greater than the load power consumption, mainly for system power design.