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What are the advantages of wind and solar hybrid power generation systems?

Jun 26, 2019

1. Due to the strong complementarity between solar energy and wind energy, the wind-solar hybrid power generation system compensates for the shortcomings of the wind power and photovoltaic independent systems in terms of resources. At the same time, wind power and photovoltaic systems can be used in battery packs and inverters, so the cost of wind-solar hybrid power generation systems can be reduced and system costs tend to be reasonable.

2. The wind-solar hybrid power generation system consists of solar panels, wind turbines, system controllers, battery packs and inverters. The reasonable allocation of the capacity of each part of the power generation system is very important to ensure the reliability of the power generation system. In order to meet the power requirements of the majority of users, to provide users with reliable power, the user's power load characteristics and the solar and wind energy resources in the user's area will be carefully analyzed to suit the user's complete set of systems.