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1.5kw Uninterrupted Solar Home System

Jun 28, 2017

      Uninterrupted Solar Power Generator is also called solar energy system, solar home generator. Solar power is environmental friendly, safe and in abundant supply. In addition it is far better for the environment and can help offset energy costs. Inyan Solar offers homeowners in many countries complete solar energy systems that cater to different building applications with varying system sizes of 1.5 kW (ISS1500Z), 3kW (ISS3000Z), 5kW (ISS5000Z).


We also provide customized solar kits for special requirements.

1.5KW solar system.jpg


Parameter Reference:                                                      All-round Protection:

Inverter Output Power: 1500W                                       Overload Protection

Solar Panel: 1000W(250W x 4pcs)                                  Under-voltage Protection

Solar charge controller: 48V 30A                                   Overcharge Protection

Inverter: 1500W inverter(pure sine wave)                        Short-circuit Protection

AC output socket: 4pcs                                                   Reverse polarity Protection

Solar Charging Time(efficiency sunlight): 4.5hrs

Battery Capacity: 12V 100AH * 4pcs(gel battery)

Certificate: CE & RoHS & ISO9001


Load & working hour:

ISS1500Z can load AC appliance(max. power 1500W)

DC   Load

Working   Hour

2pcs   * 20W AC bulbs

70-80   hours

500W   AC TV

6-7 hours

300W   AC TV

10-11   hours

150W   AC desktop computer

18-19   hours

60W   AC fan

50-52   hours

300W   AC washer

10-11   hours

500W   fridge

6-7 hours



Main machine guarantee time:2 years limited warranty (lifetime: 10years)

Battery guarantee time:1year (lifetime: 2-3years)

Solar panel guarantee time:5years (lifetime: around 25years, 90% output power at first

10 years, 80% output power at second 10 years)