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Wind Solar Hybrid Solar System Clean Energy

Oct 12, 2017

Wind Solar Hybrid Solar System clean energy

The use of wind and solar power transmission equipment, many people still will doubt that the harsh environment of nature, is still unpredictable. So, in the harsh environment (no wind, no light, showers), the power supply system can guarantee stable operation?

Wind power Complementary power transmission equipment Power supply system for highly integrated products, the core technology with independent intellectual property rights, fan brakes, charge and discharge control, multi-power output, data communications, lightning protection, security and other integrated modules to achieve world-class level The

Wind power Complementary power transmission equipment to power the solar power, wind turbines and batteries to provide effective combination of electricity, adhering to the advantages of solar energy sites, while resisting the ability of continuous rainy days significantly enhanced by the continuous power of wind power supplement, not because Weather factor power, can provide continuous and stable power supply for site equipment. At present, residents in remote areas do not have normal electricity supply, which has plagued governments. Division I for these issues of investigation and research, the introduction of wind and solar power supply system, the system is the use of wind power and solar power, based on the consumption of conventional energy, do not need the characteristics of energy distribution, according to the user's electricity load requirements rationalization system configuration , To facilitate the system expansion, to meet the user to continuously increase the electricity load requirements, also known as solar power generation system, is one of the most reasonable, most reliable, safest, most economical, most environmentally friendly independent power supply system. Thus addressing the electricity problem in remote areas, and for governments to provide power supply solutions.

Wind and solar power generation system mainly consists of wind power generators, solar panels, controllers, inverters, batteries, cables and support and auxiliary components to form a power generation system. Night and rainy days without the sun from the wind power, sunny by solar power, in both the wind and the sun, both play a role at the same time to achieve the all-weather power generation function, than the single fan and solar energy more economical, scientific ,practical. System components are as follows: Program features:

Full use of wind and solar energy complementary power generation, no external power supply;

Eliminating the construction of substations, erection of high and low voltage lines and high and low voltage distribution systems and other projects;

With day and night complementary, seasonal complementary features, the system is stable and reliable, cost-effective;

Power facilities maintenance workload and the corresponding cost of expenses decreased significantly;

Independent power supply, in the face of natural disasters will not affect all users of electricity;

Low voltage power supply, safe operation, easy maintenance.

Wind energy and solar energy are clean energy, with the photovoltaic power generation technology, wind power technology matures and practical process of continuous improvement of products for the wind and solar power generation system to lay the foundation for the promotion and application. Wind and solar power generation system to promote the development of China's energy conservation and environmental protection, and promote the construction of resource-saving and environment-friendly society.

In short, I believe that with the equipment cost of materials to reduce the development of science and technology, government support policy introduced, the clean, green, environmentally friendly new energy power generation system will be more widely used.