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Off Grid Solar UPS System Power Generation Method

Sep 20, 2017

Off Grid Solar UPS System Power generation method

The solar light is on the semiconductor p-n junction to form a new hole-electron pair. Under the action of the p-n junction electric field, the hole flows from the n region to the p region, and the electron flows from the p region to the n region, and the current is formed after the circuit is turned on. This is the photoelectric effect of the working principle of solar cells.

Solar power generation There are two ways of solar power generation, one is light - heat - electricity conversion, the other is the optical - electrical direct conversion.

(1) light - heat - electric conversion method through the use of solar radiation generated by thermal power, usually by the solar collector will absorb the heat into the refrigerant refrigerant, and then drive the turbine power generation. The previous process is the light-heat conversion process; the latter process is the thermo-electrical conversion process.

(2) light - electric direct conversion method This method is the use of photoelectric effect, the solar radiation can be directly converted into electrical energy, optical - electrical conversion of the basic device is the solar cell. Solar cells are a device that converts solar energy directly into electrical energy due to the photovoltaic effect. It is a semiconductor photodiode. When the sun shines on the photodiode, the photodiode turns the solar energy into electricity. Current. When many batteries in series or in parallel can become a relatively large output power of the solar cell array. Solar battery components

The solar cell module is the main part of the solar off-grid power generation system and is the most valuable part of the system. Its role is to radiate the sun

Energy is converted to DC power. Depending on the user's requirements for power and voltage, a single solar cell module can be made in single use, and several solar modules can be connected in series (to meet voltage requirements) and in parallel (to meet current requirements) to form a power supply array to provide greater electrical power The Solar cell components with high area ratio of power, long life and high reliability of the characteristics of the 20-year period of use, the output power drop is generally not more than 20%. As the temperature changes, the battery components of the current, voltage, power will also change, so the components in series design must take into account the voltage negative temperature coefficient.