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300W Portable Solar Home System


Basic Info.        

Model NO.:ISS300Z          


Certification:ISO, CE       

Application:Home, Industrial, Commercial          

Specification:Normal, 375 x 150 x 320 mm           

Trademark:Inyan Solar or OEM          

Transport Package:Carton          


HS Code:850131000


Product Description

    Main Features:
*** Complete Stand Alone Solar System
*** Perfect Design, Plug-in Application

*** Versatile Functions
*** Compact Size, Modern Shape
*** Safety Approved

Q: The product has been connected to solar panel, but why is the PV Charge indicator still off?
A: Ensure the solar panel has been correctly and tightly connected to the MC4 terminal.
     The indicator would be off when the working condition is not satisfied or in the dark.
Q: Why there is no AC/DC output?
A: Check the indicator of battery capacity. When the product is short of power, the indicator would be off.
     Please charge the product timely to avoid damaging the battery, which would shorten the service time of our product.
Q: Why is the indicator still bight when turning off the product?
A: It is normal. There is a slow discharging period lasting about 5 seconds of the inner electronic components
     when turning off the product.
Q: What's the reason for different discharging hours under same appliance ?
A: It's normal because time of discharging is effected by the outside temperature, using time or other factors.
Q: What's the reason for different charging hours under same solar panels?
A: The charging time listed in the technical parameter is calculated in the condition of 4.5h of sunshine heating with optimal
     environment.  And the real charging time is determined by the natural conditions like daily sunlight hours, sun light intensity
     and temperature, which would be varied.
Q: What's explanation of that when the electric capacity showed low power when applying high power appliances,
      while using low power appliances it turned to be more electric capacity?
A: The indicator shows the current remaining power under the load power.
     As in the same condition, the servicing time for high power appliances would be less than the low power ones.
Q: Why does the capacity turn to be low while it went back by switching off?
A: It is a dynamic changing during working period and the indicator shows the current remaining capacity during working
     conditions. When switch off, it turns to be standby showing the actual available capacity.
Q: Why does it turn to be gradual during charging showed by the indicator when charging by battery?
A: It varies by different batteries that used, which results in various charging time due to different parameters.
Q: What's the best time to charge the battery?
A: The battery needs to be charged when the indicator turns red and keep the product fully charged for long time storing.

Rated Output Power300W
Solar Panel Power2 x 18V50W(Mono) with 5.0M Cable, with Solar Bracket
Solar Charge Controller12V510.0A
Solar Inverter110V/220V/230V-300W
Output WaveformPure Sine Wave
Solar Charging Time3.0H with effective sunshine
Battery Capacity12V33AH AGM Battery
AC Output Voltage and Frequency 110V/220V/230V, 50/60Hz
AC Output Socket TypeUniversal/USA/UK/Germany/Australia
DC OutputUSB x 1 piece (Max. 1.50A); 12VDC x 3 pieces (Max. 7.0A)
Peak Inverter Frequency 92%
Over-load ProtectionYes
Low-voltage ProtectionYes
Thermal ProtectionYes
Short-circuit ProtectionYes
Battery Power Indicator Yes
Accessories (Optional)3.0W LED Lights x 3 pieces
10.0M Light Cables x 3 pieces
USB Charge Adapters x 10 pieces
Size375 x 150 x 320 mm
ColorWhite + Green
Size640 x 540 x 30 mm
Weight4.50Kg x 2
Battery Size195 x 130 x 155 mm